Top 5 – WallpaperSTORE* Sale

Here are a few pieces I found on WallpaperSTORE’s sale during my weekly online “window shopping” session. Some Items are up to 70% off. I had shared one their products on one of my previous posts that was $1100 and now is 70% off!!! Who wouldn’t love a cashmere blanket….

Now, let’s checkout my TOP 5 picks! Click on the headers for each item to learn more.

Heimat Atlantica – “Biface” pouch

Heimat Atlantica Biface pouch

The “biface” pouch by Heimat Atlantica is made from leather and adorned with Sargadelos porcelain piece is the perfect colourful pouch to dump all those random receipts in your purse. Hate having little papers all over the place and I hate having them in my wallet even more! The little face on the pouch is a nod to the spirit of Portugal and a protection symbol against hypocrites. Everyone needs one of these symbols!

Editions Milano – “Miss marble” jar

Editions Milano Miss marble jar

The perfect Edition Milano jar to store the little stuff around kitchen. Made from Portoro marble and brass, this Italian made jar has an eye catching color combination to warm up and elevate. I would love a few of these along the counter to store sugar, coffee and tea.

Umbra Shift – Spice grinder

Umbra shift spice grinder

I love to cook and one of my favourite things to eat is steak. I love making my own steak seasoning and this CrushGrind system made from beechwood is the perfect little helper for making homemade mixed seasoning. Inspired by a stove knob and the little base can be used both as a spice catcher during the grinding and a pinch pot for after. Did I mentioned Umbra Shift is a Canadian and an extension of Umbra homeware??

Sargadelos – Cocks GG1

Sargadelos cocks gg1

Sargadelos has been producing porcelain pieces from tableware to jewellery to promote to motifs, forms and colors of the Galician culture of Galicia, Spain. I love the colours and designs of their pieces and these cockerels are both modern looking and traditional and their colors combination makes them standout from any shelf you place them on.

Wetter Indochine – Paloma tray set

Wetter Indochine Paloma tray set

Wetter Indochine’s MDF lacquer trays come in different colors, shapes and sizes and are the perfect pieces to keep your vanity, coffee table or dresses organized. The Paloma set of 3 trays is only $39 now, and they can be used in any room in the house. I love white home interiors and would probably get the white set but there is a bright red version of the tray and it is getting me tempted to press “add to cart”.

Don’t forget to comment below and let me know which one these items is going to make it into your shopping cart on WallpaperSTORE or you found a special piece that everyone should know about.

Happy Sunday shopping!


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