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Aga Khan Museum

After 4 years of talking, somewhat planning, driving by it, my mom and I finally went to Aga Khan Museum as part of her birthday weekend activities. This 4-year-old museum is a modern marvel to be experienced; with beautiful architecture and outdoor grounds, filled with the hope of opening a window in to the unfamiliar world of Muslim civilizations.   As an Iranian, it’s always fantastic to walk thru a museum and read the description of an exhibit only to find out that the item was made in Iran and has inspired generations of people across not only the Muslim world (Which was huge!) but all across the world for centuries. If you don’t believe me check out some of the ancient books on display by Avicenna. His “The Book of Healing” was used in universities to train doctor’s for centuries. We’re talking about 6 or 7 centuries! Check out this map that shows how far spread the Muslim world was to both east and west throughout the centuries. I digress, the Museum has a great in-house …

Shonda Giveth, Shonda Taketh Away!

  Last night Shonda Rhimes the creator and writer of everything worth watching on TV on Thursdays yanked my heart out of my chest. After a decade of emotional ups and downs while watching Grey’s Anatomy, Shonda finally put an end to Meredith and Derek’s love affair. Sigh… We all knew it was going to happen at some point. It’s Grey’s Anatomy! When people realize they have finally got what they needed all their lives they DIE!!! Remember McSteamy and Lexi or George. Now we can add Derek to that list. I’ve been reading a lot of tweets since last night’s episode and it seems like a lot of fans are upset and threatening to not watch the show anymore (yeah, right!!) Regardless of this tragedy, I’m sure Ms. Rhimes has a plan for Meredith’s love life. What do you predict is going to happen next?? Solmaz – a.k.a. Derek’s 1000000000th widow

Oh April….

April has been a busy, interesting, eye-opening, frustrating, educational and a few other adjectives that I really don’t want to share on the web kind of month. Although I have all these mixed reactions towards April, of course I managed to slice out some time to have fun in the city. Meeting with friends over awesome Korean food in the Annex, going to a concert at The Drake Hotel and oh yeah, getting to try out a 2013 VW Beetle TDI.