Acqua dell’Elba…


Whenever I’m away on vacation as a treat for myself I buy something that is strictly available within the region I’m traveling. While I was in Siena and walking up and down Via Banchi di Spora, I kept smelling this wonderful scent every time I walked by this mysteriously calm looking store named Acqua Dell’Elba. After awhile I realized that they spray a scent out on to the street and it smelled like clean fresh breeze and ocean. I couldn’t help but close my eyes and think of walking on a warm sandy beach. Continue reading “Acqua dell’Elba…”

School, Studying, Backpain….How To Pick The Right Chair

If you have been following my tweets lately, you probably already know that I made a BIG decision, I’m going back to school! I’m excited, scared and excited some more. Its been a few years since I’ve been at school and things have changed a lot. I have changed a lot; I’m not as young as the rest of the students and that’s a scary … Continue reading School, Studying, Backpain….How To Pick The Right Chair

Loose Button…BeautybySaje

A month ago I received an invitation to become a founding member for Loose Button.  Loose Button offers a unique way of sampling great beauty products without breaking the bank. Every month for the cost of $9.99 the beauty experts at Loose Button will send you a box filled with travel sized beauty products to try. Continue reading “Loose Button…BeautybySaje”