Dreaming in Kahlenberg

Top items on my list of potential dream homes are:

  1. Location
  2. Great views
  3. Character/architecture
  4. Curb appeal

List goes on for a bit longer but when we were visiting family in Vienna, we checked out Vienna city views from Kahlenberg and like everyone else on top of this mountain we were mesmerized by this building and “THE” door.

Pano Kahlenberg

You can not argue that  there is no curb appeal here and being on top of a mountain, it had the most amazing views of Vienna. All I would add a big urns on either side of the door with maybe a lemon tree in them!

Kahlenberg Vienna City view

I really tried to move in to this place. The view was amazing with the city and the river. My heart was melting for the color and design of the door and the details of the path leading up to the door. Unfortunately for me, the door didn’t open so I had to move on.

“If it doesn’t open, it’s not your door”


Here’s to the burst bubbles and no dreamy homes…

I’m off to a Heurige to drink my sorrows away….






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