Charles Bridge Prague Czech Republic

Welcome to Prague – City tour & Street food

I always knew Eastern European countries had a rich history and culture. Some of the history is attached to the most horrific moments of mankind’s past events but also have amazing stories of triumph and survival. Prague is one of those places. Rich in culture, architecture and some darkness in their history which is noticeable around the city in monuments built as reminders but it is also a lively city filled with amazing people, ready to be explored.


Panoramic Prague from Charles Bridge
Prague Castle from across Charles Bridge and the river

During our family European get away in Spring, we decided to go somewhere none of us has been and Prague was the first placed that popped in our heads because it looks so different. We ended up not only loving the city, culture, architecture but also the people. Prague was a surprise for us as we did so little research on the city before our trip. We knew basic things such as staying close to the famous Charles Bridge or staying in the Old City so we could walk around everywhere and of course, Goulash! haha

Prague Hotel Residence U Malvaze Charles Bridge Old Town
Hanging out the window at the hotel with Charles Bridge in the background

Our Hotel (Residence U Malvaze Prague) was super close to Charles Bridge, simple, clean and great breakfast. The only thing I warn you about is the staircase in the old section of the hotel. There are no elevators and the stairs are not the easiest to climb up/down! The hotel staff will deal with your luggage if you are homes in that side of the hotel but they wont offer to carry you up and down. lol I enjoyed my stay here, regardless of the stairs or that it wasn’t the fanciest place. It was more than enough and a great price.

We decided to take a car tour around Prague city with one of the many guides available. Our guide Marion was super cute and informative about the history of the country and Prague. Communism, struggles and the triumph of the people of Czech Republic and all the fun little tips you can only get from a local. It was great to learn about the different districts in Prague and find out more about the architecture in Prague.

Prague City car tour
Heading for a car tour around the entire city of Prague
Prague car tour
Super cold day but our car had heaters and blankets!

Here’s a quick video of the crowd on top of Charles Bridge. This area was always filled with tourists. Love the music in the background.

Marionettes in Prague
Prague is known for being the birth place of marionette puppets
Marionette Prague
Marionette shop with a tour group

Marionette Prague gifts

Found a friend in Prague city
My sister found a new friend?
Colourful Prague city
The city architecture is influenced by different design movements and offers an array of beautiful colourful buildings to look at it.
Over Charles Bridge
Family picture over the river on Charles bridge

Now to the more important part of this leg of the trip……

Street Food in Prague:

Street food scene is Prague is STRONG! I have never been so inclined in buying random things to eat. The main things that kept popping up everywhere were the delicious Chimney pastries both in sweet and savoury flavours and HOT DOGS!!!! I think I ate a hot dog a day and a chimney everyday.

Good Food Coffee and Bakery was next door to our hotel and there was a line up all the time at this place for their delicious chimney pastry. Here is a SUPER bad video of the inside. I was hungry and excited to try one of these things. Sorry about the quality!

Good Food Coffee and Bakery Duck Chimney Prague
Duck and red cabbage chimney from Good Food Coffee & Bakery. It’s a MUST!
Strawberry Chimney by Good food coffee and bakery
Strawberry Chimney!!
Hot dog in Prague
Hot dog in Prague, pick your own toppings and take lots of napkins!!!

On my next post about Prague, I will share some more pictures of Old Town and the Astronomical clock tower, our day at the Easter Market and our amazing dinner!!

So stay tuned.



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