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Sun, Ocean and Fun in Sunny San Diego

  A few weeks ago I visited Sunny San Diego to visit my family and it was a great short get away from the Polar Vortex up here in Canada. Although I was SUPER excited for the trip I spent a ridiculous amount of time to pack for 18 to 25 degree weather. I am out of practice, it’s been 6 months since I wore less than 5 layers and no parka jackets. But enough about my wardrobe problems….

Change Is Good!

Hi All, It’s been a crazy busy few months and it has been more than challenging to keep up with my writing. Going through some changes personally and professionally and I think this is the perfect time to bring the change to the site too. For years I have been thinking about a new name for my blog and I just couldn’t find something that I could connect with but now – as you can see, I have found the one. “Solmaz In The City” is going to be my permanent home, so buh-bye LifebySAJE and hello to . For the next little while there is going to be more changes an transformations happening with the layout, a new logo and some other cool things that I’m working on. Hopefully you all would like the changes and keep coming back to visit me here. Cheers, Solmaz