All For The Love Of Football…

During the last year the team at the Dutch company COPA Football have been super busy with all sorts of projects to bring their brand closer to their fans through product design, social media and sponsorships. First up was to help bring the love of football to pint size cutie pies. Imagine a little Ronaldo or De Rossi fan running around sporting one of these “My First Football Shirts“.

Another great news from COPA is their involvement with the Tibetan football team and the Tibetan National Sports Association. The TNSA is trying to develop the love for sports in general with in the Tibetan community and the support from COPA would help with this mission especially when it comes to football. The Tibetan national football team is going to be sporting COPA kits for the next 2 years as a result of this sponsorship.

The story behind this young team is very interesting. Being known as “The Forbidden Team“, thanks to the China/Tibet situation, they were formed in 2001 in India. All members are exiled Tibetans who have come together all thanks to the dreams of one man, Michael Nybrandt from Denmark and TNSA’s Kasur Jetsun Pema, younger sister of H.H. the Dalai Lama.

This is such a great way to bring the love of sports and the attention required to build sports teams, from funding to education and training, to small countries and that’s why COPA is involved with this great cause and all for the love of football!

To Learn more about what else COPA is up to, follow them on their Facebook page or say hello to Johan @COPAFootball!


Football FASHIONbySaje

GOL!  Every so often the worlds of fashion and football collide to produce ‘cool’. They evoke passion from fans of the greatest game on earth.  Revered for what they bring to the pitch.  Style icons in their home countries and around the world.  David Beckham.  The Italian national football team.  And now introducing, COPA. Continue reading

Funny Story of the Day – Man Living Inside a Gigantic Football

I came across a really funny story today. An Australian man was chosen by Adidas to live inside a giant Jabulani ball for the duration of the 2010 FIFA South Africa World Cup. I think the Jabulani apartment is in Melbourne, Australia. It is fully furnished and has amenities such as laundry, cleaning, flat-screen TV and PS3. He even gets paid for his efforts! I don’t know if he has any sort of privacy as people can peer in the ball through a window but it sounds like quite an experience.

Those folks at Adidas are getting lots of publicity for this and I must say, it’s quite hilarious as well.  

For the full article and pictures, go here.


FIFA World Cup 2010 – Group B – South Korea’s Big Win!

Although I consider myself pretty un-Korean by most standards, when it comes down to it I can’t help but cheer for the motherland’s team (especially since soccer is not one of Canada’s strongest sports…sigh…).

The South Korean team won big against the Greek team yesterday taking the game with a score of 2-0. Lee Jung-Soo (Kashima Antlers) and Park Ji-Sung (Manchester United) each scored a goal against the defenseless Greek team. I know people had favoured the Greeks because European football is considered much more skilled and advanced but the South Koreans proved that once again they are a force to be reckoned with.

To some of my Greek friends who were sure that their team would win by… 3-0…no less… I have to say…in your dreams dude – take that! (Yes, I’m that immature…)

Now… only if the game against Argentina would be so easy… Wish us luck!