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Beat the Heat with these Beauty Products

Make up melting off your face during Summer time? Here are a few of my favourite beauty products to help you stay shine free on hot Summer days.

Bite Lip Lab

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about Bite Beauty‘s lip labs on social media channels and wanted to give it a try. I generally don’t get all hyped up on this stuff but it looked super fun and an amazing experience to share with my mom as part of her birthday celebrations. The idea behind the Bite Lip Lab is to give us lipstick loving people an opportunity to customize our lipstick shades as much as possible. Coverage and texture, colour and scent. How amazing is it to find the perfect shade that is ONLY yours and smells exactly the way you want it to and if you are super fancy has your name OR some sassy cool name you picked out on the lipstick tube. Girl….sign me up!!!! There are only 3 lip labs around, Toronto, San Fransisco and New York City. There are different packages/services you can book for this experience. You can do a simple, 1 shade lipstick and wrap things up quickly OR you can do 2 lipsticks. There is …

Maison Margiela Replica collection

I’m not a huge fan of changing my perfumes. I wear the same couple of perfumes for years and I hardly venture out to try new ones. The last time I “changed it up” was when I was in Italy a few years back and I was introduced to Acqua dell’ Elba classic. I think this year is going to be another year for me to revamp the perfume department. I have found an entire line up of scents that I want to add to my beauty closet. Meet Maison Margiela Replica collection. The idea behind this collection is to trigger a memory in our brain using scents. The entire packaging and labeling for the bottles are all created around this idea. The first time I tried one of the Replica perfumes was when I came across the “Beach Walk” scent in the roller bottles. I love buying mini roller and spray bottles as they are small enough for carrying in purses and to take on vacations and if I end up not liking the scent …