Weekend at home

Favourite Pieces to Cozy Up in Bed

I love lazy days at home. I put away my phone, unplug and just relax. They don’t come around often but when they do, it’s time to get comfortable. Pyjamas are my outfit for the day as they are convenient to go from watching TV to taking midday naps. Sigh, love naps…

I’m very picky about my pyjamas. No matter what season we’re in I always wear short and top sets. I hate being trapped by gowns and pant legs and blankets. I never understood how girls wear these little skinny strapped gowns and not be annoyed in the morning when half their boob is hanging out from their armpit opening or from the neckline. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on them but I like the practical side of these sets as they don’t look slutty or sloppy and you wont wake up in the middle of the night in panic that your gown is trying to strangle you.

Here are some of my favourite PJ sets for the season. I love the classic styles in modal/soft cotton fabrics that are great in the wash and I recommend having a plush/huggable robe and a more luxurious set in silk satin with a fun print to keep it interesting.

Pyjamas to live in 1. Vintage Cotton Pajamas J.CREWicon 2. Flannel Bedtime Pajamas MADEWELL 3. Alpine 52 Faux Fur Trim Robe NATORI 4. LIBERTY LONDON Harlequin Iphis Silk Satin Short Pyjama Set

I just love these styles because they are classic and perfect for any season and easy to layer with a tank top or a sweater for colder months. Plus, they don’t look too sloppy if the mailman comes to the door to drop off your online shopping!

There are other items that I do recommend to use on your cozy day at home. I love a good blanket to wrap around me when I’m watching my movies and the essential eye mask to help me fall asleep during my midday nap time. You gotto block the light somehow!

The little things that make a difference

1. ‘Tell me a secret’ blanket Massimo Alba for Beggs 2. Sofia Cashmere Emilia Luxury Travel Set Sofia Cashmere  3. FAUX FUR SLIDE SLIPPERS LOFT 4. ‘Yes Yes Yes’ blanket Massimo Alba for Beggs 5. LIBERTY LONDON Harlequin Iphis Silk Satin Eye Mask and Pillowcase Set

The silk Satin pillowcase and eye mask set from Liberty London is amazing. I love the print and the added benefit of not getting my hair and skin get ruin from friction. Another great addition day to this perfect day is snuggling up with your honey under the Massimo Alba blankets. How awesome is the “Tell me a secret” blanket. If these blankets could talk…..lol

Now that you all know how I spend my days at home, it’s your time to tell me how you do your ultimate day off? What’s your go to place and what you use to take relaxing to another level.




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