Aspiring lifestyle blogger and content creator

My name is Solmaz and I live in Toronto, Canada! I started SolmazInTheCity in 2009 as a hobby and a way to save my memories of all my experiences. From places I traveled, things I ate or I bought to my want/wish list and to share them with my friends and family.

This blog is a complete contrast to my daytime job and its also a way for me to still be creative in someways after putting in 40 hrs of brain time on numbers and spreadsheets. We all need an outlet, right?!!

Most of the experiences I share on the site are Toronto based but when I do travel once in a while and I focus my attention on other cities. Solmaz In The City is my way of inspiring others to explore and learn not only about their own little corner of the world but expanding their horizon and learning about others as well.

Thank you for joining me on my adventures and I hope to see you again!

Here are some of the things I cover on my blog:
  • Product review
  • Travel
  • Home improvements
  • Cooking & dining out
  • Window browsing & shopping