About me My name is Solmaz and I live in Toronto!

I started SolmazInTheCity as a hobby and a way to save my memories of all my experiences. From places I traveled, ate or shopped at or wanted to and to share them with my friends and family.

Most of the experiences I share on the site are Toronto based but I do get to travel once in a while and that’s when I focus my attention on other cities. SolmazInTheCity is my way of inspiring others to explore and learn not only about their own little corner of the world but expanding their horizon and learning about others as well.

Thank you and I hope to see you again!



  1. Tony Cappellano says

    In regards to your recent experience at BOOM on Eglinton, please contact me directly at the above mail. I thank you for commenting on your recent visit.



  2. Winston says

    you gals are hilarious… ever worked at “The Everything to do with Sex Show”???


  3. Adeel says

    Hi dear! I am from Maldives.. the world famous holiday destination… visiting maldives is vary easy now days.. you can easily access any where in the world.. there are lot of international flights coming every day.. any thing about our country i am really happy to explain. hope to be friends.. take care


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