2013 Volkswagen Beetle Fender Edition


During the Canadian International Autoshow I checked out the Beetle Fender edition and learn more about the collaboration between Volkswagen and Fender. The Beetle Fender inspired by the curves and styling of a classic Fender guitar; from the sunburst dashboard to the magnificent Fender Premium sound system, 18″ disc alloy wheels, black Uni and deep black pearl (exclusive to the Beetle Fender) and many more little upgrades. Volkswagen is the only automaker that offers the Fender Premium Audio System with eight speakers, a subwoofer, and a 400-watt amplifier. This is as close as anyone can get to a live sounding audio system on the road.

VW Fender brand

2013 Beetle Fender

Beetle Fender Interior

VW Fender Premium Audio System

The Fender audio system is designed to take advantage of the curves of Beetle’s interior to produce high quality sound in both low and high volume.

VW Beetle Fender Sunburst dash

Fender Stratocaster


The 2013 Volkswagen Fender edition hits the Canadian market this year.


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