Banh Mi Boys

I rarely find a restaurant that makes me want to keep going back to eat there everyday. Well, I found one more restaurant to add to that short list. Banh Mi Boys located just west of Spadina and Queen street is a hidden gem to the untrained eyes. A small hole in the wall few doors down from the famous Spadina/Queen McDonald’s, Banh Mi Boys is a true Toronto hotspot.

What do you get when you mix Vietnamese, Korean and French cuisine? Delicious duck confit with onion chutney and all toppings stuffed in a baguette by way of Saigon. Sooo good!

If sandwiches are not your thing or you don’t like duck, there are many many many more choices. Pulled pork, pork belly, kalbi and of course what the Banh Mi Boys are famous for, Kimchi poutine with pulled pork!!!

Or how about some delicious tacos and bao!



What I liked about this place is how it’s fresh fast food with great price, everything on the menu is $7.99 and down. One warning though, Banh Mi Boys are super busy from before lunch time till I’m guessing when they close at night. I have sat in one of few tables available for couple of hours eating everything off the menu and the line up grew longer and longer by the minute. So get there early to bit the rush!


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