Oh April….

April has been a busy, interesting, eye-opening, frustrating, educational and a few other adjectives that I really don’t want to share on the web kind of month. Although I have all these mixed reactions towards April, of course I managed to slice out some time to have fun in the city. Meeting with friends over awesome Korean food in the Annex, going to a concert at The Drake Hotel and oh yeah, getting to try out a 2013 VW Beetle TDI.

It has been years since I went down to the Drake Hotel to see a concert. I have awesome memories from when I was in university, my friends and I would hangout in the basement to watch new artist having intimate shows and have a few drinks. The crowd is always great and to be honest it almost feels like nothing has changed at The Drake in the past couple of years. I guess that’s a good thing…

The artist for the night was Laura Mvula, British soul singer. Honestly, I never even heard of her till my friend/date for the night invited me to go to her concert. She was amazing, her voice and musicians were amazing (half of them were her siblings!). It was an awesome way to spend the weekend, she raised everyone’s soul with her beautiful voice and her lyrics.

When I was attending University of Toronto, I use to walk around the Annex and Koreatown a lot. I never dared to walk in to the little restaurants and have  food at any of the places I walked by. They all looked scary and to be honest unclean. BUT I have grown up since then, became somewhat wiser and now I know those dirty holes in the wall are exactly where I should be eating sometimes…Did I actually just write that?!!! ….You get the idea. I love Korean food, well at least the stuff I’ve tried so far and my favorite dish is Gam Ja Tang (Pork bone soup).  I can confidently say that we found the best place in the city to get some home cooked Gam Ja Tang at 1am. Ask me where it is and I probably wont be able to tell you but the food was AMAZING!

Gam Ja Tang

In other news….. we all know I HEART Volkswagen. It’s no secret, everybody knows it and I never tried to hide it. In April I got a chance to drive a 2013 Beetle TDI Highline. I have never driven a diesel car and I was pleasantly surprised when I realized it’s as fun as a normal car when it came to performance and it was actually quite fun to drive on the highway. I even would say I enjoyed the Beetle more than the GTI….GAsssp!!!! The Beetle was pimped up to the brim; Fender sound system, Nav system, heated seats, SIRIUS radio and the list goes on and on. Love this little beast, I don’t think I have ever managed to parallel park as quickly as I did with the Beetle with any other car. (I will never admit to this statement in person, I’m a pretty awesome driver!)

2013 Beetle TDI

The Nav system and monitor on the Beetle is awesome and super polite… It says “Welcome to your Beetle” and “Welcome to Volkswagen” every time you press the Start Engine button – another one of my favorite additions to the car.

Thanks Volkswagen Canada for the awesome ride and making awesome cars. I had an awesome time with the Beetle!

As for the rest of the month of April… let’s call it a learning curve for the rest of the year. I’m planning to face May with optimism and a bit more excitement. After all, life is waaaaaay too short to sweat the small stuff…..


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