Wear Your Pride On Your Luggage

Heys xcase Nations

I saw some awesome carry on luggage from Heys in a window of a store today and fell in love. They are adorable and I’m almost tempted to spend the $99 and get one of them.

It’s a perfect accessory to have for a world traveller like myself during the world cup time, haha. Unfortunately Heys only came up with only 12 designs, which is fine since I probably would buy the one with the British flag on it. (Yeah no Iranian flags were available! lol) I did a bit of research on the Heys website and found out that they are actually coming out with new designs very soon. The list includes France, india, Philippines, Japan, E.U., South Africa, China, mexico, U.A.E, Ireland and England. So keep an eye out for them!

My favorite design is the Russian one, it has the beautiful dragon/lion mythical creature on it and I think it’s just great.

Here are the rest of the designs…

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All pictures from heys.ca



3 thoughts on “Wear Your Pride On Your Luggage

    1. So I contacted Heys about your question and they told me unfortunately the cases are only available in Canada and on their Canadian website. The only way to buy them is to buy it and ship it to a Canadian address (if you know anyone in Canada) and then they can send it to you in States OR just come up here and buy one!
      I hope this answers your question!!! 🙂



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