Volkswagen Digital Media Day

On Friday I attended the very first Volkswagen Digital Media Day at the Canadian International AutoShow. I have a total soft spot for the VW brand thanks to my Baby Jetta and I was very excited to learn about the 2013 lineup and other new and exciting things happening with Volkswagen. We were greeted by Peter Blackwell Director of Marketing for VW Canada and VW product Planners, ready to answer all our questions. The event was packed with exciting news about addition of new cars to the 2013 lineup, turbocharge and hybrid engines and so much more. It was exciting to be one of the first few people to see the TV commercials for the Jetta Turbocharged Hybrid.

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Porsche Centre Oakville

This post is sponsored by Porsche Centre Oakville; 5000 sq. meters of state of the art lifestyle facility bringing people and Porsche together. Thank you for your support of our love of luxurious sports cars.

I always wondered when a new business opened, how long the owners took to plan, organize and get to the opening stages of their business and how they made it successful. How they found the target audience and kept them interested and engaged in their products?

 We all know a great product is not the only element of a successful business. So much more goes into building a business to make it desired… and long-lasting. It takes a creative marketing strategy to build ongoing momentum and turn a business into a demand driven machine.

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Going On A Heist, A VW Art Heist

Remember few months back there was a VW Jetta GLI commercial that was made using both a motion and a long exposure stills camera? Well, the good people at VW used the pictures from this innovative commercial and came up with a fun social experiment called the “VW Art Heist”. Lets just say some lucky “heisters” from Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal got to take home … Continue reading Going On A Heist, A VW Art Heist

Stella Artois… You Did It Again!

Last night we celebrated Toronto with Stella Artois and 1LoveTO guys at their amazing block party on King st. west. The music was pumping,lights were flickering over our heads and of course there was Stella. Cool, cool Stella!

The location of the block party was amazing, you would get the best view of CN Tower, beautiful full moon and of course the massive makeshift screen of all things Stella Artois!

and you can’t missed the Beer Pump/DJ booth!

There were swag stations all around the party too! Photo Booths, button making and 1LoveTO tshirts….goodies!!!

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