Our Trip to Nikiti, Greece


Solmaz and I had an amazing time in Nikiti, Greece. When I tell people about my vacation, they were often, “Where? Why? You didn’t go to Athens or the islands?” It was a pretty random spot to travel to but we were there because of our close friend’s wedding and it ended up being the perfect location since it wasn’t as overrun with tourist as the other more common vacation destinations.

Most of us travelled from Toronto and we arrived on different days at Thessaloniki Airport which is the closest airport to Nikiti. There are direct flights to Thessaloniki from most of the big German hub airports, Athens and Rome.

I ended up spending a lot of time at Dusseldorf Airport since I transferred through there on the way and back but luckily for me it was new and modern facility with lots of stores and cafes. Of course, this is being Germany, the food and coffee were quite expensive but well-worth the price since everything I bought was quite good – much better than anything at Canadian or American airports.

It was about 3 hours from Dusseldorf to Thessaloniki and from there, it was about an hour drive to Nikiti. Most people rent cars in Thessaloniki since public transportation is almost non-existent in this area but I took a cab to our hotel since I was not about to drive and get lost (plus 90% cars available are manual not automatic.)

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Summer Music Hit List From Greece

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FIFA World Cup 2010 – Group B – South Korea’s Big Win!

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