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Missing London

  I love London! As a kid I was lucky enough to visit London every Summer with my family and since then I have formed this sense of belonging whenever I go back for a visit. I alway seem to be the one who tells people “No, it doesn’t always rain there!” or “It’s not boring there!“. I actually think depending on which part of London you happen to spend time in, anyone with any interest can find something to do. From 5 stars to budget travel, young to old, art loving history buffs to a foodies; there’s something for everyone.

Gordon Ramsay At The Bay

British Chef and TV celeb Gordon Ramsay was in Toronto this week and he stopped by Arcadian Court at The Bay, where he was welcomed by a big crowd of fans, aspiring chefs and media. After attending this event now I understand why everyone loves Chef Ramsay, he’s warm, has a sense of humor and his accent makes him oh so adorable. Chef Ramsay talked about his line of products available at the Bay and announced the takeover of the Rôtisserie Laurier BBQ restaurant in Montreal. This would be Ramsay’s first step in expanding his empire in the Canadian Soil. During the event Gordon Ramsay with the help of Bonnie Brooks picked a few lucky winners to win goodies from his line of products, also gave 1 lucky winner and a guest an invitation to dine in his new restaurant in Montreal.  Can’t wait till he opens one in Toronto (he did promise that he would!) Thanks to Melanie from The Bay, for allowing me to take some pictures of Gordon meeting his fans from …

It’s Over, I won’t Be A Princess Anymore…

Prince William is officially engaged. We all I knew this day would come sooner or later but it kind a hurts a little when you realize your childish fantasy about becoming a princess and marrying one of the most famous royal bachelor in the face of the earth. Today Clarence House told the media that Prince William and Kate Middleton are set to marry in 2011. Sigh…. I remember when I was younger and would go on family vacations to London, I always hoped we would randomly bump into the royal family or Prince William. I guess  was way too young to realize that the chances of that ever happening, on a good day, was about 1%. Now, I can’t wait to see how the wedding is going to be and what she’s going to be wearing…very exciting! sa ps. there’s always Prince Harry! hahaha