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Vancouver Olympics 2010

The Vancouver Olympics torch is coming through the city of Toronto (Yorkmills and Bayview Ave. at 2.40pm)Β  and I’m planning to be there and be part of the hopefully exciting event….I figured it’s close enough for me to go drop by and snap a few pictures of the torch and let the spirit of the Olympics take over me..hahaha So stay tuned for the pictures!!!!!

Women and UFC

Imagine a Saturday night like every other Saturday night walking to the neighbourhood sports bar with your best friend for a pitcher of cold beer and some hot bbq wings. Now fast-forward about an hour or so and all you see around you is half drunk men filled with excitement and screaming and shouting at the massive tv screens showing their favourite pay-per-view sports event, UFC; and you’re the only two women insight. Congratulations, you are a woman UFC fan. You are a myth, a gift from god to all men and a new breed of women who are not forced by their significant others to attend this event. My best friend and I are part of this small group of avid UFC fans. We have been lucky enough to attend a couple of these exciting fights in person and most guys who find out about this are both shocked and amused. Personally I’m not sure why this is such a big deal but after talking with so many other UFC fans we realized how …