Welcome to Prague – Old Town & more food!

Staying in the old Prague city allowed us to walk around to different areas and stumble across amazing architecture.

Astronomical clock tower
Mom in her undercover attire in Old town Prague

On our 2nd day in Prague my sister suggested we checkout the Astronomical Clock tower. The clock was build in 1410 and is the 3rd oldest astronomical clock in the world and THE oldest operating clock in the world! It was a pretty insane area of the city to walk to as this is an absolute tourist area filled with every single tour group and it happened to be during Easter Market. I can’t even figure out how many different languages I heard being spoken in this little area by the tower.

Here is a quick video of the square and people!

Here is a close up detail of the clock face. It’s so amazing with all the astrological signs and symbols!

Astronomical Clock tower Prague, detail

Right by the tower there is a big square and just with our luck the Easter market was during our stay in Prague. So many vendors with products and you guessed it, food!!!

Easter market Prague Old town
Waffles on a stick with all sorts of flavours
Old Town Prague Easter market
Sister happy with her midday treat of hot cider and potato twister/tornado

Beside having our daily dose of Czech hot dog with also tried this AMAZING pork roast from the market!

Roasted ham Prague
Keeping it simple, ham, bread and condiments.

Prague Easter Market 2019

I picked up a few things from the market and my favourite item was some decorated eggs. These were for Easter but I picked them up as ornaments for my Christmas tree and also to use for our Persian New Year decorations. I will post them when these events come up.

All in all, the city has so much to offer. We walked a lot and checked out so many shops and hand crafted products offered and Prague is filled with beauty of all sorts. If you’re the type that likes wondering around the city with no real agenda to allow yourself to find hidden gems, Prague is a place for you. Everything is reasonably priced, safe (as far as I experienced) and food is delicious.

Now, off to dinner!

Staromacek Restaurant
Come inside and stay for a while! We going to have some traditional Czech cuisine

From the time we added Prague to the list of places we were going to visit, we had a running joke about eating goulash in Prague. It all started with the way we were pronouncing the word, all thanks to our mom and her love of Graham Norton Show. Watch the first 1 minute of this video and you understand why we needed to have Goulash!

Staromacek Restaurant
Bread with duck butter
Staromacek Restaurant
Goulash in a pot, could have ordered it in a bread bun. Missed opportunities!
Staromacek Restaurant
Pork ribs and sides… so good!
Staromacek Restaurant
Greek salad to cut through all the fatty food…lol

At the end of my sister demonstrated the way we all felt…..

Staromacek Restaurant
So much food…..so much delicious food!

Thank you Prague for being an amazing place to discover. I hope I get to come back again and do it all over and learn more about you.

Up next, Vienna!




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