Weekend in Vienna

Disclaimer – This post has been sitting in my drafts for a year now and it almost feels silly to post it after all this time and during current situation we are all experiencing. I figured it be a small break from all the COVID-19 headlines and possibly brighten someone’s day even for a minute or two.

Where do you start your wishlist of things to do and see and eat when you only have 2 days in a city? When we were visiting our family in Vienna, besides spending time with them to catch up we wanted to take in some of the city and feel of the Austrian culture in Vienna.

Here are some of the places we went to and loved our experience:

Eat breakfast at Cafe Museum:

Cafe Museum Vienna

Established in 1899, Cafe Museum is located right in the heart of the bustle and hustle of Vienna i the cultural district Cafe museum is the perfect spot to start your day discovering the city. A short walking distance to the famous Karntner strasse or street. The famous pedestrian shopping district in Vienna.

Window shopping at Karntner Strasse:


City walk vienna

After having way too many cups of great coffee and delicious food, it’s time to walk around the city and do some window shopping and take in some of the sights of the city on Karntner Street.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral:

St Stephen's cathedral Vienna

The church was under some restoration during our visit but it  was still a beautiful architectural sight to checkout. This almost 900 years old church is at the center of a major pedestrian shopping district and it’s amazing to see how foreigners and locals all still gathered here to say a prayer and light up ca candle for a loved one.

St Stephen's church vienna

Pay attention to the little details:

Vienna city is filled with little interesting details and quirks. Look at their pedestrian lights. Cute couple holding hands with a heart bubble. Just died!!!!!

Vienna pedestrian light


Make sure to take a break at Gerstner and have some delicious desserts. It would be better to make reservations and they can be a bit snooty with walk-ins.

Dessert Gerstner Vienna Austria

Gerstner Vienna

Schonbrunn Palace & Park:

Take a walk around one of the most famous Palaces in Europe. We walked around the park area and skipped visiting the inside but you can 100% go inside the palace!

Schonbrunn Palace Vienna Autria

Schonbrunn Park

I already have shared another post about visiting Kahlenberg. Vienna is a bustling city with a beautiful mixture of old and new and funny enough from what little I remember from living there when I was really young, it seems like it’s aging like some fine wine!




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