Grace Eunmi Lee & Her Ceramic Creatures

Once in a while I find interesting artists at the One of a Kind Show and I think Grace Eunmi Lee is the one from this installment of One of a Kind Show. Her ceramic art is a beautiful representation of all those small things we disregard everyday. The micro-organisms and microscopic creatures living around us, in the air, water and so forth. Grace is using her art to bring attention to these little details of our world. I love her little microscopic creations, they are weird and strange-looking and it just amazing to look at each one of them.Grace Eunmi Lee Ceramic Creatures

Ceramic Art

OOAK Ceramic Art

G Eunmi Lee

Grace’s little creatures have made appearances in different galleries and settings. Here’s a picture the artist showed me from one of her installations. It’s amazing!

Micro-organism ceramic art

Eunmi Lee Ceramic Artist

I love the thought and imagination that has gone to every one of these pieces and can’t wait to see and learn more about Grace’s ceramic art.



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