Fun Finds at One of a Kind Show


Now that I’m all inspired for the gift giving season ahead, I’m off to shop at the One of a Kind Christmas 2012 Show . This year my shopping buddy and I decide to try something new, visit our favorite booths first and pickup our must haves and then spend a fun, relax afternoon to just wander around the show and discover new artists and items. Over the years we both have learned that if you don’t buy it when you see it, you wont find it again! I have been a victim of “we sold out!” way too often at the OOAK…So here we go….

One of a Kind Show TinHouse Design

I learned about TinHouse Design last Christmas by my friend and I have been slowly growing my collection of tin tiles every year. This year, they have introduced a new shade of tins and of course I had to get one. I actually got the top left tile and the bottom right tile in the above picture. Next year, maybe I’ll get a bigger size!

Identity Pillow

Identity Apparel is another favorite of mine thanks to their super cool pillows. Last Christmas I made the mistake of not buying what I wanted when I saw it and my favorite pillow was sold out. This year I did not leave empty-handed from this booth!


I’m a big fan of quirky little characters and creatures, that’s why ever year I make sure I stop by the Mehoi booth to both say hello to the artist and to meet the new creatures in the world of Mehoi. This year, limited edition statues are in the works. Super cute!!

One of a Kind Show Becca wallace Photog

Becca Wallace‘s resin blocks are colorful and eye-catching. I think next year I will commit to one. I’m thinking a VW inspired one… I’m obsessed with these cars!

OOAKX12 Velvet Moustache

One of the new finds for this year was Velvet Moustache. Love the sleepy, colorful creatures. They’re super cuddly and come in many different color combos and prints. The sleepy owls are super adorable!

Kino Guerin One of a Kind Show

It’s a case of a twisted wood in Kino Guerin‘s booth. I loved the desk and bench with the twist detail. If I happen to have a few thousand dollars just sitting around I think I have the perfect spot for the bench….

I saw so many other items and artists that I enjoyed this year but I’m going to end up with a super long and somewhat boring post if I list them all here. I strongly suggest to you all to take sometime and visit the show. Here are a few tips when you attend any of the One of a Kind shows:

1. Comfortable shoes

2. Bring a bottle of water, unless you’re planning to pay $4.75 for a small water at the show

3. Snacks… see above!

4. If it’s your first time visiting the show, you need at least half a day so plan a head and maybe checkout the artists beforehand on the One of a Kind Show website.

5. Bring a friend! It’s a great time to catchup with friends while walking up and down the aisles.

See you all at the show!



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