Hope in a Jar – Philosophy

I was at Sephora few weeks ago since I needed a new moisturizer. I came across these products by Philosophy and since their products are some of Sephora’s best-sellers, I wanted to give them a try. After a brief discussion with one of their beauty consultants or whatever you call them, I purchased Hope in a Jar (moisturizer) and Purity Made Simple (foaming cleanser.)

I haven’t used the cleanser yet, so that will be saved for another time.

Hope in a Jar is intended to be a moisturizer for all skin types. It has light almost gel-like consistency which good for my skin since it is quite oily. I don’t see how it would work for someone with really dry skin. The cream was absorbed very quickly which is a definite plus and did an adequate job of moisturizing my skin.

The downside – it has the most curious scent. I’m used to it by now but at first there was a slight metallic smell that almost made me nauseous. Also, it contains lactic acid which is supposed to be exfoliating but I haven’t really noticed any of those effects yet.

Would I buy this again? I’m not sure – I think I will decide after I use the whole jar but at this point, I don’t think I will. At $49, it’s not the most expensive cream on the market but I think I had higher expectations since it seems to be quite the “cult” product.

Packaging: 8/10

Texture: 8/10

Scent: 2/10

Moisturizing Effect: 6/10

Total: 6/10



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