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Beat the Heat with these Beauty Products

Make up melting off your face during Summer time? Here are a few of my favourite beauty products to help you stay shine free on hot Summer days.

Active Moist by Dermalogica

Awhile ago I started using daily microfoliant by Dermalogica and I loved it. When I went to buy some more of my newly found beauty product I decided to buy a travel package that came with free samples of Dermalogica’s Special Cleansing Gel and Active Moist. Thanks to that decision, now I have another favorite beauty product, a great moisturizer! Having both oily and dry spots on my face was making it so hard to find a moisturizer that would both keep my skin moist and not make it super oily. Since I started using active moist about couple of months ago, my skin feels amazing.!! The good thing about Active Moist is, it’s long-lasting, even on a cold dry weather I don’t feel my skin is drying out. According to Dermalogica’s website Active moist is an unscented oil-free moisturizer, I have to say, the Active Moist does smell but not a fruity or sweet smell. Think more like something your doctor would prescribe to you; personally find it more appealing than scents from other …

What’s Your Favorite Beauty Product?

Most of my friends are under the impression that I don’t wear any makeup. I’m not sure why they think that way since I ALWAYS have makeup on. My understanding of wearing makeup for everyday is to wear it like it ain’t there. enhancing what you already have with a bit of help. Here are my personal favorite products for an everyday look; it took me years of searching to find this group and if any of them go out of production I’ll be very sad! Every morning it takes me about 5-10 mins to put my makeup on but if I’m ever running late I skip a few steps and just stick with my Nivea moisturizer, Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous, CG mascara and my lipgloss. What is your favorite beauty product that you always use?? sa