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Restaurant profiles, pictures and some homemade goodies…

Diwan Restaurant

After spending the morning and getting some culture in at Aga Khan Museum as part of my mom’s birthday celebrations, we took a break for lunch on the patio of Diwan restaurant. Diwan is part of Aga Khan Museum and Chef Mark McEwan is bringing Middle Eastern, North African, and South Asian cuisine all under the same roof. There are plenty of choices and all sounded super delicious. We sat on the patio under the giant umbrellas and enjoyed the nice weather for the day. The indoors sitting area looked very pretty and it was buzzing with all the museum patrons chatting away. I think most museum visitors do the same thing as we did. Walk the museum and hit Diwan for lunch! We got a few things and shared everything. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the lamb samosas. We were super hungry and they got devoured as soon as they hit the table. Same for the name of the dishes….sigh… hunger affects my memory… The fries were delicious! I would have loved …

Lil’ Bit Of Basil In Ma Life….

When it comes to making food at home, I’ve been super lazy. I use to be inspired by random things during grocery shopping trips and rush home to cook. Lately, I barely go for grocery trips (Thanks mom!), so I might not as inspired to put a meal together. No matter how simple it could be. The other day I happen to join my mom on a grocery trip and I saw a table full of these little basil pots and I had to buy one. Little I knew, this basil pot would be a start of a crazy run of rustic breakfasts and snacks. Give a hungry Persian girl some inspiration and she’ll run with it…. I’m going to call it, rustic Persian fusion!

The Rude Boy

Over this past weekend with the beautiful weather we were having I decided to come down with a cold. Being as stubborn as I am and not wanting to stay in and have a sick day, I ventured out to get some fresh air and of course some healthy food to help me fight the cold. After going for a walk around Kensington market, it was time to find some food and rest up. I ended up in the west-end of Toronto and in Roncesvalles to get my burger on at The Rude Boy. Located at 397 Roncesvalles Ave., The Rude Boy is a hidden gem between new eateries popping up in the area.