The Fisherman Clubhouse

I’ve heard about The Fisherman Clubhouse from my Chinese friends for a long time now and I thought it was time for them to let me in to this hidden lobster and crab heaven. Located in Markham, just north of Toronto Scarborough, The Fisherman Clubhouse is a tightly kept secret within the Asian Community in the GTA. (It’s true, you can say whatever you want but it’s true) I was invited to join my friends for a lobster dinner at the clubhouse on a weekend and my mind was blown…


It’s amazing to walk in to this restaurant and first thing you see is tanks filled with giant sized crabs and lobsters. I never seen anything like that but it was amazing. I can’t even imagine how much money was swimming in these tanks. Oh well…. From tanks to my belly!
After looking through the menu and picking the dinner combo that we all liked, the server brought our lobster to the table for us to see. It was a beauty!!!
After the waiter took the lobster away we settled in and waited for our courses to come in.

First thing was the house soup that has been cooking for 4 to 8 hours, filled with pork bones and veggies. It was delicious, but the exciting part of the meal was just about to start!

Ladies and gents, fried oysters with ginger and green onion sauce. It was perfectly fried, the sauce was delicious and it took us just a few minutes to clear out the whole dish.

Steamed bass with green onions and soy sauce. If you’re a fan of steamed fish, this is the dish for you. I did enjoy the beautifully cooked taste and texture of the bass but I like my fishes fried or grilled. NEXT….

Fried lobster with garlic crust. I can’t even imagine how much garlic was on that plate but the lobster was delicious. I would’ve loved a little bit of the friend oyster sauce on the side to dip my lobster pieces in but this dish got 2 thumbs up from me.
We also ordered some Chinese broccoli and fried rice with lobster brain in it which I failed to take pictures from (don’t judge me, I couldn’t stop stuffing my face long enough to take the pictures!)
Now for the main event of the evening, our second portion of our 6 pounder. Lobster in ginger and green onion sauce (I think!).

It was delicious!!!! I had never had lobster straight from the shell so luckily at the Clubhouse they provide disposable gloves to the guests , so I dug in!
I definitely will visit The Fisherman Clubhouse again, so I can try the different lobster & crab dishes. Now here is couple of tips for visiting this establishment.
– Make reservations a head of time. This is NOT a walk in restaurant, you be waiting for hours to get a table.
– I recommend tagging along with a cantonese speaking friend while dining at The Fisherman Clubhouse. There are English menus available but trust me you want them there. Myself and my friend’s husband were the only non-Asian customer’s in the restaurant (Sorry if it sounds insensitive!).
– Go HUNGRY! The feeling of fullness will hit you out of nowhere and you don’t want it to be in the beginning of the meal.
– Take plenty of cash with you. Dinner for 4 can easily cost you $250. So, come prepared to drop some $$$$.
– Even if you’re not a fan of sesame seeds or desserts, try the black sesame hot soup dessert. It’s delicious!
– Some of the waiters do give attitude and say inappropriate things to the customers. We asked for a substitution and we were told not to ever ask for subs in our next visits. So be prepared to get some attitude.
And lastly…,
– Enjoy your dinner!

The Fisherman Clubhouse: 4911 Steeles East, Toronto. 416 321 0250


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