Lil’ Bit Of Basil In Ma Life….

Basil Plant

When it comes to making food at home, I’ve been super lazy. I use to be inspired by random things during grocery shopping trips and rush home to cook. Lately, I barely go for grocery trips (Thanks mom!), so I might not as inspired to put a meal together. No matter how simple it could be.

The other day I happen to join my mom on a grocery trip and I saw a table full of these little basil pots and I had to buy one. Little I knew, this basil pot would be a start of a crazy run of rustic breakfasts and snacks. Give a hungry Persian girl some inspiration and she’ll run with it…. I’m going to call it, rustic Persian fusion!


I either go all out for breakfast or I keep it simple…. Here’s my basil inspired breakfast

Smoked applewood cheddar cheese, walnuts, Persian Sangak bread and of course freshly cut basil. Top it off with a cup of Persian tea. Mmm…

Persian rustic breakfast


Thanks to my random work hours, sometimes I just don’t feel like eating a heavy meal late at night. So, I got creative one night and I used what I had in the fridge for a refreshing snack inspired by my breakfast.

Smoked applewood cheddar cheese, walnuts, red radish, Persian cucumber, freshly squeezed lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and of course Persian sangak bread.

Persian rustic snack

How beautiful are these colour combinations!! I wish I had some now!!!!

Here are some tips…

– I use Persian cucumbers (the little cucumbers!) instead of regular cucumbers because I find them more tasty, but either one is good for both meals.

– I highly recommend anyone to try the Persian sangak bread. Take a trip to your local Persian market and watch the baker making the bread in the rustic oven, it is amazing! Bring the bread home, cut them in smaller pieces and freeze whatever portion you are saving for later in a freezer bag. When you are ready to use them, pop them in the oven or toaster for couple of minutes and they be as tasty as a freshly made bread.

Now, it’s your turn. What’s inspiring you for your next meal?



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