Acqua dell’Elba…


Whenever I’m away on vacation as a treat for myself I buy something that is strictly available within the region I’m traveling. While I was in Siena and walking up and down Via Banchi di Spora, I kept smelling this wonderful scent every time I walked by this mysteriously calm looking store named Acqua Dell’Elba. After awhile I realized that they spray a scent out on to the street and it smelled like clean fresh breeze and ocean. I couldn’t help but close my eyes and think of walking on a warm sandy beach.

Inspired by a perfume bottle washed to the shores of Paolina’s little island in the 11th century, Acqua Dell’Elba is a Tuscan product from the island of Elba. Acqua dell’Elba is an island in a bottle. It’s hard to explain it but once you smell this perfume you understand, the simplicity, quality and pride of the craftsmen that have made it.

Acqua del''Elba Classic Perfume

The scent that I bought was the men’s Classic; a mixture of mandarin, lemon, musk, marine algae and Mediterranean shrubs. Sighhh…Every time I smell the perfume, I remember wondering around Siena and flashbacks of my trip to the Greek isles when I was 12 years old…..

Acqua dell’Elba is only available in Italy BUT all their products are available through their website. I have to make sure to order some more of the Classic perfume before I spray the last drop from my bottle! Maybe I’ll add a candle or bathrobe to my next order, I’m loving the soft ocean blue colour of their products.

Now, I’m going to spray some perfume and take a nap under the Roman sun and think of sandy beaches….



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