Bite Lip Lab

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about Bite Beauty‘s lip labs on social media channels and wanted to give it a try. I generally don’t get all hyped up on this stuff but it looked super fun and an amazing experience to share with my mom as part of her birthday celebrations.


The idea behind the Bite Lip Lab is to give us lipstick loving people an opportunity to customize our lipstick shades as much as possible. Coverage and texture, colour and scent. How amazing is it to find the perfect shade that is ONLY yours and smells exactly the way you want it to and if you are super fancy has your name OR some sassy cool name you picked out on the lipstick tube.

Girl….sign me up!!!!

There are only 3 lip labs around, Toronto, San Fransisco and New York City. There are different packages/services you can book for this experience. You can do a simple, 1 shade lipstick and wrap things up quickly OR you can do 2 lipsticks. There is a bespoke package that comes with 2 lipstick and a lip care kit and some other extra goodies as well. Super fancy!!

We decided to do the 2 lipstick package. I kept saying, “one for Summer and one for Winter!”. Whatever works, right??


The lip lab artist who was helping us was Bradlee and he was amazing!! Super patient and actually made the experience more enjoyable as he was easy to talk with and had amazing suggestions to build lip colours. Bradlee, if you ever read this, Thank you!!!!

How super cute are these shades!!! The 2 right shades are mine and I went with vanilla and wildberry. The other two are mom’s shades and she went with violet and lime. There are so many options and you can mix stuff up too.


The packaging is super adorable too. There’s a lot of little details that has gone into the experience, down to the packaging. The little packaging inside the Lip Lab boxes and the magnetic lids. We all been there…throw the lipstick in the purse and things just pop open and there goes your favourite lipstick!

I highly recommend the experience as there are only a few of these labs in North America and I haven’t heard of any other company that’s readily available to public to do this. While I was at the lab we also found out that they offer private event services as well. Next girl’s night out or a birthday, super cute idea!



Keep an eye out on my Instagram posts on @Solmazinthecity for me wearing and bragging about my new BITES! 😉





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