Welcome to Rome

Is it already tourist season in Rome or tourist season never stops here?Wondering around the city for the day before moving on to our next stops, Florence. I’ve been to Rome & Florence a few times but this is the first time we are all here at the same time with my family. So it’s very nice to experience the city together. Or eat everything in sight together as all I did was eat and eat and eat!

We started the day at il Gianfornaio for real pizza. Assortment of everything that looked good after a redeye flight and a dessert and tea chaser!

Super cute spot, with indoor and outdoor sitting and very quick. Perfect for non-touristy eating spot.

5 different flavours!!

After that we walked around Rome that was partially shut down due to the marathon and subway closure and made our way to the Spanish steps and Piazza del Popolo. The weather is great and is packed with people.

Our next spot is the Rinascente rooftop terrace to get some drinks under the sun and great views of the city.

The drinks are priced well and tables turn pretty quickly so great opportunity to see Rome from a different perspective. My mom & sister were cooking under the sun! 18 degrees Celsius weather for us Canadians is pretty much Summer weather but here everyone is walking around with their lightweight puff jackets and wool outerwear which is somewhat entertaining.

Zume Rome is our next snack stop. Zuma Japanese restaurant has a few different location around the world and the newest one has just open in Boston. They are located beside a Fendi store and it is very “bougie” but they have great service & food.

We ordered a bunch of different appetizers and shared everything. They also had a really nice drink with Mint and passion fruit, it was super tasty but I forgot to take a picture of it!

Crispy spicy squid, avocado & cucumber salad with wasabi dressing & edamame
Gyoza with pork and beef (I think!)
Beef and hot pepper with soy sauce & etc marinate

I’m still debating about where to go for dinner but I’m predicting pasta (obviously) or burger.

Follow me on Instagram @Solmazinthecity for updates. Next stop, Florence and we are off to Prague and Vienna.


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