One Of A Kind Spring 2011

After having so much fun at the One Of A Kind Christmas show last year I decided to attend the show this spring to find new artists and visit my favorites from last season.

Here are some of my favorite new artists/brands, check out their websites for more information and products.

Hilary Cosgrove Owls & Alphabet pillows

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I Want A Daihatsu Copen!!!

Have you guys ever seen this car before, it’s the most adorable car around, at least in my opinion. The Copen made by the Japanese car maker Daihatsu is the best car for a city like Toronto. It’s small, easy to park and it looks oh so adorable!

I like the yellow color for this car. I’m not sure if I want to drive it on a highway for too long but I think it’s a cute little toy car made for city girls like myself. I want one of these cars but there’s one little problem, they’re not sold in Canada. Continue reading “I Want A Daihatsu Copen!!!”