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Weekend at home

Favourite Pieces to Cozy Up in Bed

Spending the day at home and in bed? Well, get comfortable with these pjs.

I Feel Fur-tastic Today!

I was never a big fan of fur or anything fur related BUT I love the look of a beautiful fur collared jacket on a woman with her hair nicely resting over the fur. It’s super hot. I came across this little gem on a bargain hunting mission to Anthropologie and I finally gave in and gave the fur a try. Beside the great price, I love how the fur is detachable, which means I have a versatile black cardigan! I probably wouldn’t wear the cardigan on its own but I like to have the option. Here is how I decided to wear my new cardigan to work, and show it off as an attachment to my jacket….The color of the fur worked perfectly with my brown leather jacket. I know, like before, it’s not the full look and it’s a quick Blackberry picture but you get the idea. I hope!Here’s a list of what I’m wearing… In this picture: Fur Collar: Laureate Lane Irina faux fur cardigan Jacket: Danier biker jacket Top: Banana Republic …