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Result – 30 Day No Shopping Challenge


 As you all know I have been on a 30 day no shopping challenge for the last month. The first few day were a bit rough on me because of constant temptations at work and having to repeat myself over and over to co-workers who kindly would show me all sorts of deals and things I would usually buy in a second. As I power through the first week and spread the word about my no shopping challenge I found it that my friends were quite supportive and at times of weakness quite helpful with being the little voices in my head…. “you’re not suppose to be shopping!!!” or “Do you really need that??”

Week two and three went by pretty easily for me but sadly week four was a total disaster. Deals, deals and deals…… I have to admit that I failed to finish my challenge. Couple of days in to the last week I found a great deal on a great pair of pants for work….a pair of Sloan slim ankle pants from Banana Republic for $12!!!! I know….I shouldn’t be this excited, those pants were the poison arrow to my Achilles heel. After the pants came another wonderful deal that was too hard for me to pass. A great Spring/Fall jacket from BR for $45, again!!!

I know I shouldn’t buy things because they’re a good deal, but….sigh…. yeah I failed. I’m not even going to attempt to talk myself out of this… all I can say is I will try again to finish this challenge very soon.

Banana Republic Sloan slim ankle pants in mythic blueBanana Republic BlackNavy double-breasted coat

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  1. It’s definitely hard, but it gets easier! I have been on a no-new-clothes challenge for a year (until September!). It’s a great way to save money, but can be challenging for us folks who love a good deal


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