Cool Nordic: From Nordic Countries To Toronto

On Tuesday May 6th, the Council of Nordic Ministers held an exclusive event at The Spoke Club to introduce the Toronto media to the Nordic culture through workshops discussing Nordic architecture, cuisine, design and fashion.

CoolNordic Sofia Hedstrom and Trine Kjaer

I was excited to attend the event to take my knowledge of the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden beyond Ikea, Volvo and H&M.

First thing, a fashion workshop sponsored by Vero Moda, about the latest trends in Nordic street style with fashion experts Sofia Hedstrom and Danish style blogger Trine Kjaer. It was very interesting to learn about the differences between the Nordic and Canadian aesthetics; gender-bending, simple with a twist of femininity. Adding layers and sticking with the basic pieces and colours were other styling points that will allow a functioning, pocket friendly wardrobe. (Read more about the workshop here!)

Bestseller Vero Moda Robert Hayes

One of the interesting parts of the Cool Nordic style workshop was when Vero Moda’s regional manager, Robert Hayes, took us through Vero Moda’s responsible ways of producing their product. Vero Moda’s philosophy is not just about making great product for the consumers; it’s also important to know how the products are made. Environment friendliness, following child labour laws and being aware of business ties and how each company they are in working with is conducting their business were just a few topics touched by Mr. Hayes.

Architecture workshop
Architecture workshop

I checked out couple of the brands that were at the event and learn about their products. Skultuna, Skagen and by nord Copenhagen all caught my attention for their simple and clean designs.

by nord Copenhagen pillows
by nord Copenhagen pillows
ph. by Kayvan Tahaei
Fly with Finnair – ph. by Kayvan Tahaei

After the three workshops and the closing speeches by the hosting ambassadors (yes, I was rubbing elbows with dignitaries!) the event was followed by a cocktail reception, giving the attendees an opportunity for networking while experiencing different cuisines and drinks from the Nordic region.

ph. by Kayvan Tahaei
ph. by Kayvan Tahaei

Sipping on Kissmeyer Pale ale and having bite sized smoked salmon appetizers. Time to network…

Cool Nordic Reception

I have to say I appreciate the efforts made to bring such events together and exposing the cultural similarities between the Canadian culture and our neighbouring region to the east.

After attending the Cool Nordic event, I was inspired to dig a bit deeper to learn a little more about these countries and possibly plan a trip to the region. Now, the important question is, which country should I visit first??



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