Result – 30 Day No Shopping Challenge


 As you all know I have been on a 30 day no shopping challenge for the last month. The first few day were a bit rough on me because of constant temptations at work and having to repeat myself over and over to co-workers who kindly would show me all sorts of deals and things I would usually buy in a second. As I power through the first week and spread the word about my no shopping challenge I found it that my friends were quite supportive and at times of weakness quite helpful with being the little voices in my head…. “you’re not suppose to be shopping!!!” or “Do you really need that??”

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No Shopping…For A Year???

I came across an interesting article on (The Toronto Star) about two shopaholic friends who decided to stop frivolous shopping for a whole year. (As in grocery shopping, yes… but cute new yellow shirt, no…) Can you imagine??? I think I’d die (no exaggeration here) if I could not shop for a whole year. Read the article about the two brave women ––shopaholics-go-cold-turkey They write … Continue reading No Shopping…For A Year???