Versus/Hearts by Dan Matutina

Versus/Hearts is a project by Twistedfork (Dan Matutina). A story of good and bad, right and wrong. One can not live without the other. I love these little hearts because they’re based on cartoon, video games and pop culture that pretty much everyone grew up with. Imagine making a wallpaper with these hearts!!!

Check out some of the closeups for your favorite “childhood” characters and their rivals….

Angry BIRD!!!
This clown is a slightly cuter than the one from the last Batman movie…

It’s amazing how every time I see anything Mario related the theme song automatically starts playing in my head. Actually it’s scary! lol

The Skeleton & The Man, who does not know the hunky hero in tights?!
Vader vs. Obi wan Kenobi
Oh Dexter….
Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes….

I love these little hearts and how you can still see the texture and detail in the hearts. Don’t forget to check out Twistedfork‘s portfolio on his website!


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