Downtown Oakville & Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show

This post is brought to you by Mercedes-Benz Oakville. Mercedes-Benz designs luxury cars around its German heritage. Visit to learn more and check out @MBOakville on Twitter. Thanks, Mercedes-Benz, for supporting and sharing our passion for fashion!

On Saturday night, I attended the Mercedez-Benz Oakville Fashion Show which was hosted by Fashion Television’s Jeanne Beker at the Oakville Performing Art Center. Having attended a few seasons of Toronto Fashion Week,I had an idea how the night was going to go but I was pleasantly surprised as the night went on…I started the night at Paradiso, a charming little Mediterranean restaurant in downtown Oakville. While walking around the room and chatting up some locals I realized how important events like these are for the community. Downtown Oakville is a beautiful place filled with nice little boutiques, stores and eateries and this night was all about supporting these businesses in a unique, intimate and fashionable way!

Before I get to the delicious food, I was totally distracted by this white beauty. It’s like a white stallion…. Getting a speeding ticket is totally worth it with this car! (No, I’m not promoting speeding; everyone should always follow the rules of the road!!!).

A salt and pepper coated rack of lamb with a side of delicious mash potato and some champagne is all a girl needs to get ready for a fashion show. I think I had five of them….so good!!!!

After a while, I made my way to the Art Center to get a bit of a sneak preview backstage. Everyone was running around, last-minute touch ups on hair and make up and lots of performers practicing…. So EXCITING!!!

I think I was the shortest person in the model’s dressing area, but when you live in flats you get used to people towering over you…Oh the joys of being vertically challenged….

Hey! Jeanne Beker is here!!!

Jeanne Beker talked about the importance of supporting local stores and businesses and particularly about the important role Mercedes-Benz plays by sponsoring fashion events like this, and of course, the appetite for high fashion in Oakville. I have to agree with Jeanne on this one — I saw some glamorous ladies and gents during the night.

Now, time to begin the show, 40 stores, beautiful performances and great crowd! Come to think of it, I prefer intimate gatherings and fashion shows like this than the UBER hectic crazy fashion weeks in Toronto. Plus you get to actually meet some great people and do not have to run around between shows to secure good seats.

I have to say that there have only been a few times that I attended fashion events that involved beautiful performances. These dancers were beautiful and I only wish I had a longer video clip of their performance….

If I could dance like this!

There were so many amazing looks that came down the runway… Tocca, Garvey’s, Fuel, Closet 112, Vocado, She is…, Maison 190 and many others. Here are some of my favourite looks from the show…

Of course the super adorable junior models stole the show. How stylish do they look?… Totally working the crowd…lol

One of my favourite looks for the night – just effortless!

Yeah, the guys were SO working the room and they knew it too!

I think Tocca should open a store in Toronto and in my neighbourhood. Amazing evening wear that I can actually see myself wearing.

Now keeping with the performance theme of the night, the show ended on a high note with a live musical performance. These guys were so fun and upbeat! I have never had seen/heard/experienced anything like this!

What an amazing ending to an amazing show!

After the show all the guests headed to another one of Oakville’s little gems, Maluca, for a few drinks and to party the night away. Cheers to all the event planners and sponsors for an amazing show and night. Of course thank you to Mercedes-Benz Oakville and 7 Communications for allowing me to join the festivities. I can’t wait to do it again!!



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