Sectional Globe by Geo-Grafia

I have been keeping an eye on these awesome globes from Geo-grafia for a while now and I finally gave in and bought one from my local bookstore. Designed by Yusuke Hayashi and Yoko Yasunishi of Drill Design; it is amazing to see the level of detail and thought that has gone to making these globes. Being a fan of traveling and geography I chose to go with the BLANK globe so I can have a visual journal of all the places I have been. There are so many other kinds of globes, glow in the dark and material (wood, metal and leather!).

Another interesting thing about the Geo-grafia globes are how it shows the core structure of the earth and it’s even designed to have the same tilt as the earth’s axis (23.4 degrees).

Now, lets put this puppy together.

I love this picture, it looks like a beautiful snow flake…

Time to fold the “shell” pieces of the globe and look, they are bilingual! English and Japanese!

My little Twinks creature by Gus Fink is having fun by the globe….

and it’s done….

I can’t wait to start coloring my new globe. I saw this picture on Geofrafia’s Facebook page and it got me all inspired for how I’m going to do it up.

To find out where you can get your own globe checkout Geografia’s website!



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