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Porsche Centre Oakville

This post is sponsored by Porsche Centre Oakville; 5000 sq. meters of state of the art lifestyle facility bringing people and Porsche together. Thank you for your support of our love of luxurious sports cars. I always wondered when a new business opened, how long the owners took to plan, organize and get to the opening stages of their business and how they made it successful. How they found the target audience and kept them interested and engaged in their products?  We all know a great product is not the only element of a successful business. So much more goes into building a business to make it desired… and long-lasting. It takes a creative marketing strategy to build ongoing momentum and turn a business into a demand driven machine.

Downtown Oakville & Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show

This post is brought to you by Mercedes-Benz Oakville. Mercedes-Benz designs luxury cars around its German heritage. Visit to learn more and check out @MBOakville on Twitter. Thanks, Mercedes-Benz, for supporting and sharing our passion for fashion! On Saturday night, I attended the Mercedez-Benz Oakville Fashion Show which was hosted by Fashion Television’s Jeanne Beker at the Oakville Performing Art Center. Having attended a few seasons of Toronto Fashion Week,I had an idea how the night was going to go but I was pleasantly surprised as the night went on…I started the night at Paradiso, a charming little Mediterranean restaurant in downtown Oakville. While walking around the room and chatting up some locals I realized how important events like these are for the community. Downtown Oakville is a beautiful place filled with nice little boutiques, stores and eateries and this night was all about supporting these businesses in a unique, intimate and fashionable way!

Luxurious Homes With Emily Quinn

We spend so much time and energy to find the most luxurious pieces of clothing and jewelery from all over the world and add them to our closets, now its time to do the same for our homes. Thanks to Anne Aziz and her hand-picked collection of luxury home decor from North America, Europe and Asia our homes can look as luxurious as we do! On Thursday Aziz’s collection was launched at her new store Emily Quinn. What I loved about Emily Quinn was how these ultra-premium brands that were not available in Canada are now brought together for the first time under one roof in Toronto’s Design Living Center. Porada, Galimberti Nino, the Louis Vuitton family owned Hugues Chevalier brand and the fine Japanese craftsmanship of Matsuoka are just some of the few brands offered at Emily Quinn. Not being part of the home decor world I had never heard of Matsuoka, but most of my favorite pieces at the store were by this Japanese company. I found HGTV’s Home To Keep host, Peter Fallico and …