School, Studying, Backpain….How To Pick The Right Chair

If you have been following my tweets lately, you probably already know that I made a BIG decision, I’m going back to school! I’m excited, scared and excited some more. Its been a few years since I’ve been at school and things have changed a lot. I have changed a lot; I’m not as young as the rest of the students and that’s a scary fact! Haha

As a student most of my days are going to be spent slouching behind the desk. I figured to avoid becoming an old decrepit woman experiencing lower back pain while at school, I should visit my chiropractor to get some pointers on the correct way of sitting behind my desk.

While chatting with Dr. Behroozfard from C.O.R.E. Performance Therapy Wellness clinic, I learned one of the keys behind having a healthy back as a student or even office worker is having a proper Sitting posture and the right chair. Here are some pointers Dr. B gave me on choosing the right chair:

When standing in front of the chair, the seat should be at the level of your knees and when seated, your feet flat on the floor, if not possible, use a foot rest.

Use a back support for your lower back that creates 6 cm of curvature.

Armrests should be at the level of the keyboard, with a gap for the elbow to avoid the compression of the nerve passing through this joint.

Rest breaks are fundamental in reducing injuries due to prolonged, static posture. Take breaks at least every 20 minutes and walking and standing are encouraged.

After learning about how to find the right chair, I realized why I always got a backache while I was studying. My chair sucks!

Now, my mission before school starts is to find the RIGHT chair. Thanks Dr. B! 🙂





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