Playing In The Gentlemen’s Club: Club Monaco Men’s Shop On Bloor St. Re-Opens

Walking down the stairs to the newly re-opened Club Monaco men’s shop on Bloor st. feels almost forbidden for a girl. The hall way filled with real books, old posters and charming little treasures that looked like they were collected over the years from traveling all over the world. Wooden floors, ethnic rugs, smell of leather and whiskey makes me feel like I just stepped into a real gentlemen’s club; but this club is not just for men.

The shop is warm and welcoming, filled with old cabinets that house beautiful clothes. Every corner of this small space houses a surprise; vintage watches, handmade ties, beautiful leather shoes and soft cashmere.

For the re-opening event, Garrison’s Barbershop and Harry Klien, a local barber and a professional shoeshiner,  each had a corner to add to provider their services to the shoppers. In the back corner, Proof Brands whiskey had set up a bar, offering great Canadian made whiskey.

Somewhere in the back at the cash area the men behind this amazing visual adventure were hanging out. Aaron Levine VP of men’s design for Club Monaco and Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean. The collaboration between ACL and Club Monaco is aimed to pay homage to good ole American heritage menswear. The collection was appropriately named “Made in the U.S.A”.

Michael Williams & Aaron Levine
ACL + Club Monaco = Made in the USA

Made in the U.S.A is a collection of suits, shirts, ties and a combination products made by other 3rd party brands such as Terrapin stationers, Ernest Alexander, Tanner Goods to name a few. You could see Williams’s passion and love for refined and luxurious handmade pieces.

I was excited to visit the new store for couple of different reasons. As an ex employee of Club Monaco (remember Caban? I helped open the flagship store on Queen St!), I always will have an unspoken love for the brand. My second reason was a truly inspiring video from The Cut on how to turn menswear to womenswear. After watching the video, I wanted to get my hands on a nice men’s jacket!
And I think I found it….well them!

I can’t wait till I wear my new jackets out and about and possibly find some more like them. Thanks again to Club Monaco for the invitation and the store and the product look great.


ps. The Made in the U.S.A. and other 3rd party pieces are only available in select stores in NYC and Bloor St. Location in Toronto.

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