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I love Winter/Summerlicious time in Toronto. Gives everyone a chance to find new restaurants and sample their great food without breaking the bank. This Winterlicious I had a chance to try out a few different places, Lolo Restaurant and George Brown College’s The Chefs’ House.

I always walked by Lolo restaurant on my way to Sporting Life store on Yonge street and wondered how the food was, they were always busy no matter what time of the day it was. So when I realised they were part of Winterlicious I was very excited to give them a try.

To my joy, they did not disappoint my friends & I with their Mediterranean-inspired classics. After visiting them for the first, my friends and I loved the food so much that before the night was over we made a 2nd reservation for the next day so we can go back and sample more of the menu before the winterlicious menu was over.

All in all I enjoyed my experience at the Lolo Restaurant, great food thanks to chef Louis Ourique, great service and atmosphere. I can’t wait to go back and try out their regular menu in the VERY near future!

Now to the good part of the post, here are some of the items on the menu that we tried on our visits to Lolo.

Lolo Restaurant
2590 Yonge Street, Toronto
416 483 2590



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