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Change Is Good!

Hi All, It’s been a crazy busy few months and it has been more than challenging to keep up with my writing. Going through some changes personally and professionally and I think this is the perfect time to bring the change to the site too. For years I have been thinking about a new name for my blog and I just couldn’t find something that I could connect with but now – as you can see, I have found the one. “Solmaz In The City” is going to be my permanent home, so buh-bye LifebySAJE and hello to . For the next little while there is going to be more changes an transformations happening with the layout, a new logo and some other cool things that I’m working on. Hopefully you all would like the changes and keep coming back to visit me here. Cheers, Solmaz

Maxi Skirts….

After watching the videos for Lanvin’s Spring/Summer 2011 and drooling over all the ads for the brightly colored maxi skirt I decided I should give the maxi skirt a try. Knowing fully well that I can’t afford the Lanvin one I decided to hunt down the perfect maxi skirt available in my price range or somewhere close to it. To be honest I still feel I’m about 30cm too short to wear a maxi skirt confidently, but I’m brave enough to give it a try.ย  Here are a couple of skirts that I found and I think they do the job for POP of color, fit and budget. Here is the Lanvin skirt…

One Of A Kind Spring 2011

After having so much fun at the One Of A Kind Christmas show last year I decided to attend the show this spring to find new artists and visit my favorites from last season. Here are some of my favorite new artists/brands, check out their websites for more information and products. Hilary Cosgrove Owls & Alphabet pillows ย