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My Holiday Wishlist – 2010

We’re only about 6 weeks away from Christmas and I thought I should put my wishlist online for anyone who wants to be my secret Santa! I’ve looked around and made a list of things that I want, some are pretty achievable and some are well, a wish! There are only 17 items on the list at the moment and as we get closer to Christmas eve I add my last 3 items. So here it goes….


BlackBerry Torch – $609 (Rogers, I’m looking at you!)

MoovBoot Queens of Babylon (Semiramis) - $320 (Perfect for the Canadian winter)

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia - $70

Audi R8 TDI - $140,000 (A girl can dream! hahaha)

Bimba & Lola Leather Cuffs - not sure about the $, but I wants it!

Bimba & Lola Flat Bootie - $?

BlackBerry Playbook - $ TBA, I really want to be a beta tester for this puppy!

Casadei Patent Oxford Bootie - $725 (I don't wear heels but I will happily give these shoes a permanent home in my closet!lol)

CCSkye Onie Messenger Bag - $595

Dove Spa - Complimentary Spa Day!


Viktor & Rolf Chunky Sweater – $1450
Linea Pelle Perry Woven Mini Crossbody – $225
Basch Wrap dress – $?
All expenses paid trip around the world! I don’t know who follows my blog, but if you can grant this wish, drop me a line! hahahaha
Sony VAIO Signature Collection “Arabesque” – $969 (So pretty, probably hard to keep clean, but pretty wins!)
Roots Brogue Suede Boots – $178
Benefit Cosmetics Lifetime Supply – Priceless!!! (I LOVE you Benefit Cosmetics!)
Smythe Hunting Jacket B/W Herringbone – $595

That’s all for now! Can’t wait till Christmas to see what I got under the tree….



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