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Weekend Browsing

Every weekend, I sit in front of my computer and go through different websites, blogs and pictures online. Sometimes I come across some interesting and useful things. I thought I should share some of the fun things I found this weekend. We all drink tea and use tea bags. I hate it when I drop my tea bag inside the cup. This cup solves that problem thanks to the little tie place on the edge. So smart! Why didn’t I come up with this. Tie tea-cup by Geroge Lee of le mouton noir & co I’m one of those city people who drives everywhere, dislikes public transit about 90% of the times and what I even more dislike is people who ride bikes on city roads. I’m sorry, this sounds mean but you guys are just in the way ALL the time! I think bicycles have been around for long enough to be seen as works of art and here is a great way to display them. Bike Rack by Chris Brigham of Knife & …

You, Me & Florida!

I know I’ve been behind on writing my posts but I have a great reason. I’m going on vacation and you’re all coming with me! Yay~ In order to be able to take the time off from work in the middle of busy holiday season, I had to put some overtime at work to keep the boss happy. πŸ™‚ Now, if you have followed my tweets lately (shame on you if you haven’t! Haha) you already know where we’re going. We are off to sunny Florida! Gonna go down to Orlando then a quick road trip to South Beach, Miami. I’m very excited about this trip since one of my favorite people is going to be with me, my cousin. Let’s call him Mr.BBM (he works for BlackBerry!) Another reason I’m excited about this trip is that thanks to my super awesome Aeroplan points I get to fly, stay and play in Florida for 5 days for only $100. How amazing is that! All those Aeroplan miles finally came handy. So expect lots of posts, …

Bye Bye Rogers, Hello Telus!!

Today after years of being a Rogers Wireless customer I switched to Telus and I could not be happier. Rogers, you lost a loyal customer due to your idiotic ways. Telus mobility, you have gained a customer for lifetime! I just wanted to share that with you guys! πŸ™‚ sa