Toronto LGFW SS2011 – Day 2

DAY 2:

House of Groves‘s collection was beautiful and very wearable for any woman can wear. I loved the looks she put together and I can see how every piece can be a great addition to any wardrobe.

Chloe comme Parris are a new label to me. I enjoyed watching their collection walking down the runway. They did some amazing sleeveless vests with tuxedo tails. I thought they were AMAZING!

Marthe Aime‘s show started different from all the other shows; nothing like having a contemporary dance routine to move the audience and get their attention for about whats about to come. Her choice of soft flowy silk and linen mixed with leather accents was a beautifully done. You can’t ask for anything more when you come to a runway show.

Attitude (Sears)‘s show was a surprise for me. I wasn’t planning on going to it but I decided not to miss any of the shows, at least for my first time at the LGFW. I liked a few of their pieces, the long denim dress and white dress were quite nice. I have to check them out in person to see if they look good closeup!

Rachel Mara knows how to pack a full house! Her work was very fresh and fun with lot of prints and stripes. I want a few of her pieces, which I’ll be showing you guys later!

Joe Fresh Style was the craziest show I’ve been to so far. Just seating and starting the show took a good 30 minutes. I would say the collection had a very military inspired/siquence loving theme to it! I enjoyed some of the more basic pieces than the more sparkly ones. But that’s just me.

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