Toronto LGFW SS2011 – Day 3

DAY 3:

I’m excited about today’s shows because it’s going to end with a wedding dress collection by Romona Keveza! How fun is that…I can’t wait to see what she’s going to show us….

Unfortunately I missed the first 2 shows, Sarah Stevenson and Baby Steinberg (she is the designer behind this season’s LGFW’s green floral dress on all the marketing!). But I’ll be covering the rest of the shows for the day and I’ll keep you guys posted on what’s going on….Meantime I took some time to get sketched by the DHL sketch artist and I made a post about it already…I’m a cute super hero!

KLAXON HOWL‘s show reminded me of the days gone by. Remember old movies from Grace Kelly, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. Not sure why, I guess the collection of khaki pants paired with cotton jacket of a certain style made me go that back. I enjoyed his work though, it’s good weekend wear for the prepsters!

THOMAS was a ghostly alien like encounter; from the music to the way models were styled and the clothes. Even though this type of clothing is not my style I still enjoyed watching the show since it brought diversity to this season’s LGFW.

Even Biddell (Kingdom) at the LGFW was a small installation of his ss2011 line and a video presentation of his runway show that happened couple of weeks ago. The modeled were styled like glamorous Amazonian queens and the different black dresses presented by him were breath-taking (I don’t use that expression often!)

Basch by Brandon Dwyer has grown better and better each season. His collection was a well thought out edited presentation. He knew exactly when to stop with the detailing; enough to make it different and interesting and not over the edge. I can see myself wearing his soft peach colored wrap dress and the seefoam colored jumper, my favorite colors!

Lauren Bagliore did not disappoint the audience with her ss2011 collection. I enjoyed watching her pieces come down the runway. Black, white and more black were theme of the night! more to come!

Romona Keveza is a well knows internation evening and wedding designer. While I was watching her gowns coming down the runway I kept trying to justify buying one of them for myself. As cliché as this might sound, ALL I WANT THEM ALL!!!!Everyone who attended the show media and public mutually agreed that her show was the perfect ending for a great 3rd day at the Toronto LGFW. I decided to dedicate a post just for the pictures of this collection. Yes, I liked it that much! hahaha Click here to go to the post!


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