Q & A – Jessica Biffi

Couple of weeks ago I was invited to attend an event held to launch Jessica Biffi’s collection for Addition Elle. I was SUPER excited about this invitation since I’m a big fan of Jessica Biffi and her work since seeing her on Project Runway Canada and I just couldn’t pass the opportunity to meet her and see her designs up close and personal.

Before the event on September 14th, I was able to interview Jessica about her collaboration with Addition Elle, and I was curious to know what’s in the works for her brands, Jessica Biffi and Covet by Biffi. Here’s what I learned!

– How did this collaboration with Addition Elle come about?

I used to work with Addition Elle at store level as a visual merchandiser before I was on Project Runway Canada.  After my success on the show, I left to start my own line, Jessica Biffi.  Addition Elle was very supportive of me while on the show, and once the season was over, they approached me to do a capsule collection.  My first Jessica Biffi for Addition Elle collection was for spring 2010, and after the crazy success of the first one, I was invited back to do a fall collection, which is launching this September.

– I understand Addition Elle caters to modern women sizes 14+, but what age range did you design your pieces for/who did you imagine wearing these pieces when you were drawing your designs?

I don’t really design for an age range.  I design more for a state of mind, or a lifestyle if you will.  I think my clothing has a younger vibe, a freshness, but are in no way junior.  I picture a woman who loves fashion, that wants to have something a little different, and be comfortable while still having a sex appeal about herself.  Its comfortable power dressing, that’s what is always number one in my mind when designing plus size fashion.  I will be honest and say I do create a few pieces with my own style in mind – the perk of being a plus size designer, designing for plus!

– You’ve been doing collections for Addition Elle since spring, is this going to be an ongoing project with this company?

After the success of the spring collection, it was a natural fit to have me follow it up with fall.  I love working with Addition Elle, and with the great response we have had, I think its safe to say this partnership is a great one.  I would love to continue and see what other great collaborations can come out of the partnership.

– What’s in the works for Jessica Biffi and her brand after this? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Well, I just finished my Spring/Summer 2011 collection for both my labels Jessica Biffi and Covet by Biffi, my accessories line.  I’ve also added menswear to the mix for spring and that will launch as a capsule within the Jessica Biffi spring line.  I’m very excited about it.  It’s a love story between a ship wrecked sailor and a mermaid.  Think the Little Mermaid with a serious Biffi twist!

[In the next 5 years] I see myself in stores across Canada, expanding Covet by Biffi into belts and bags, and having Jessica Biffi entering the American market.  I also plan on continuing with plus size fashion.

– Are you planning to show at this years LG Toronto Fashion week?

I am actually showing at Ottawa Fashion Week in October, for the spring/summer 2011 showcase.  I feel that nurturing budding fashion weeks is important, and Ottawa has a special place in my heart, since that is where we shot my season of Project Runway.  I want to help bring awareness to Ottawa Fashion Week as it is being re-vamped in our nation’s capital.  Also the venue is the National Art Gallery – which will be an amazing way to showcase my spring collection!

I for one can’t wait till tomorrow when I get to see all the pieces and I’m so excited to hear Jessica is going to show her spring line at Ottawa Fashion Week this year. It’s going to be an exciting runway with the addition of the menswear to her spring lineup. Thanks again to jessica Biffi to take the time and answer all my questions!

Tomorrow after the event, I’m going to post pictures of the collection and more questions with Jessica! Can’t wait….



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