TIFF Bell Lightbox Opening

I know we have been very bad at posting blogs for the last few days so we thought we should show you guys what we’ve been up to. Here are few pictures of that we took over the last few days during different TIFF parties or outings. Well we are sharing the ones that we can, haha, which are mostly from the Bell Lightbox opening block party with K’naan wrapping up the festivities.


RTH - Catherine Keener arrives

Eunji before the Roosevelt Room
Is that Conan O'Brien???
Not very TIFF but still awesome....Steven Sabados & Chris Hyndman at Holt Renfrew...Not the best picture of me though..I was too giddy! lol
I have no clue who this guy is, but he is famous so they told me! I got a good shot of him.

Block party for TIFF Bell Lightbox
Mr & Mrs. Diet Coke keeping people refreshed!
Mr & Mrs. Diet Coke, super cute outfits!
K'naan killing it at the block party
This would've been an AMAZING picture, but thanks to this guy it's just a picture of a small person padding a giant! lol

and refreshing it is!
Eunji made a friend on Front st
Who doesn't like a nice car
TIFF party at the Four Seasons. Great live music!

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