Ontario and UFC??

Sam and I
I was the only one who managed to get the first picture with Sam way before the event. Thanks Sam!!!


Today I joined a big group of UFC fans at the Toronto Eaton Center for a Q&A and autograph session with Dana White and 2 Canadian fighters, Sam Stout and Krzysztof Soszynski. 

Dana at Eaton Center Q&A


I must say for the location of the event and the fact that it was a free session I thought it was very well-organized. I managed to score a wristband in the lineup and get to meet both Sam and Krzysztof and take pictures with them after the Q&A session. 

Dana took lots of questions from the fans about bringing the sport and it’s events to Ontario and he promised the fans that they are working hard to do just that. One of their main issues at the moment is how the laws in Ontario needs to change before any UFC can happen in this region. Yes, Dana needs to talk to the law makers. 

Everyone was very excited about the idea of filling up Rogers Center for a great fight maybe between GSP and Anderson Silva! If only it was possible. 

Regardless after an hour of Dana, finally the fans got to meet Ontario’s own Sam Stout and Krzysztof Soszynski of Manitoba. I have never met any UFC fighters except Karo Parisyan at the MGM lobby last year and I must say I was a bit nervous. The guys were super nice and I managed to take a picture with them. 

Stout, me and Soszynski at Eaton Center. Super nice guys and very very HOT!


The event was an amazing way to show people of Ontario how UFCunlike popular belief is not as violent and bloody and it’s fans are well-behaved citizens. 

So Ontario government, Please bring MMA and UFC to us!!!!! If you are a fan of this sport click on the link below to sign a petition to show your support. 




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